The Olympic Peninsula's only full-service Covid-19 response company.

Providing continual coverage to all our clients with free disinfectant services



Royce Hilsinger, Owner and Operator of Blue Wave Sanitization, has called Jefferson County home since 2018.

With over 10 years experience managing group homes and working in the field of education, Royce understands the importance of clear policies and procedures around health and cleanliness. He is driven by the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Starting Blue Wave Sanitization was a solution to our local economy being deeply impacted by the pandemic, and seeing how much our buying habits were shifting away from the local, and onto digital platforms. To help our businesses and community members reestablish the relationships they had prior to Covid-19, there would need to be bridges built that bring trust and peace of mind back into our daily routines.

Realizing there were no local companies offering these services, he reached out to an old friend from high school who's in the industry, and opened up shop. Blue Wave now maintains the Pane d’Amore production facility, and has been called on to provide same-day disinfectant services for businesses who have had positive tests or contact tracing for Covid-19.

Keeping true to the triple bottom line for every service/customer, a bouquet of flowers is purchased from Sweet Seed Flower Farm to be gifted to elders or residents of the BIPOC community. He is excited to see the demand for his time increase, and is currently expanding his sales and installation team. It's a dream come true to start a business that is creating jobs for local community members, and enabling them to provide for themselves and their family.